Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute

ZMGI was founded in 2016 as an R&D institution dedicated to formulating of advanced nano materials and their low-cost manufacturing, mainly towards energy and environmental applications essential to low-carbon and eco-friendly societies. We have been accredited as a National High-tech Company of China (2021) and Kay Innovation Organization of the Henan Province of China (2018).

Ultra-low-defect graphene powder and application technologies

High quality graphene powder products with affordable cost for large scale energy and environmental applications. Products inlude:

Graphene powder with various specifics

Conducting graphene slurries for advanced batteries

Heavy task coating against sea water

Ready-to-apply slurry specifics for mass production of infrared heating foils, coating, and heating elements, particularly beneficial to provide healing and anti-microbial warmth at low energy cost

Composites technologies to enable high energy density anode and cathode using conversion-type materials, e.g., graphene enabling Li-S battery cathodes

Hybrid graphene technologies against microwave detection

Other customer-specific solutions using advanced graphene technologies

Superfast alkali ion conductors for solid metal ion batteries

R&D covering materials formulation using first principles method, interface design, processing of materials and battery cells, electrochemical assessment. Services to offer:

Formulation and synthesis technologies of new materials

Customer-specific R&D

Cathodes and electrodes for solid and conventional batteries

Sustainable electrodes for high-performance metal ion batteries

R&D solutions in designing and practical manufacturing of

Stable intercalation type cathodes and anodes for high-capacity sodium ion batteries

Nano materials solutions for high-performance cathodes and anodes

Vertical graphene technologies

High-flux plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition of vertical graphene at low temperature

Vertical graphene technologies for catalysis in alkali fuel cells

Cathode solutions for metal air batteries