Based on the world-class graphene green mass production technology to build a central billion-dollar graphene industrial cluster

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2018-09-28 11:21


Although the world has invested a lot of manpower and resources to develop graphene application technology, there is still a lack of substantial industrial technology breakthroughs.

I. Development status

Technical background

Although the world has invested a lot of manpower and resources to develop graphene application technology, there is still a lack of substantial industrial technology breakthroughs.The fundamental reason is the lack of high-quality graphene mass production preparation technology, for the application of the largest volume of powder materials,The graphene material defect rate in the market is too high, which is essentially equivalent to “carbon black”, which seriously restricts its application in the fields of chemical energy storage, new energy vehicles, advanced functional materials and devices, and is its industrialization. The key bottleneck for promotion.

Technical bottlenecks in the existing graphene technology that are “three highs and one low” (high pollution, high defect rate, high cost, low production capacity): “high pollution, high defect rate” of the US-based redox method, Cambridge, UK The "high cost, low yield" problem of plasma method; the team of Professor Zheng Guosheng of Zhengzhou New Century Materials Genomics Engineering Research Institute (ZMGI) invented the technology of low-cost, full-process green preparation of high-quality graphene powder, which has been applied for the country and International invention patent. The technology has completed the pilot test and completed the design and customization of the industrial production line equipment.

2. Technical testing and core application demonstration

The most reliable means of characterizing carbon materials today is Raman analysis. By comparing the Raman spectra of ZMGI graphene and international mainstream graphene powder products,it can be seen that the redox method represented by the United States has a very high defect rate (very high D peak) and the fingerprint identification peak of graphene ( 2D peak) is missing, material science is essentially equivalent to "carbon black" (see English Wikipedia);the graphene powder obtained by the plasma method represented by the United Kingdom has a 2D peak, but the G peak displacement direction is consistent with the carbon nanotube It is essentially a material "carbon nanohorn" with high cost and very low yield. In contrast, the D-peak intensity of ZMGI graphene products is comparable to that of high-quality graphite, and the defect rate is extremely low. It has a clearly symmetrical fingerprint identification peak (2D peak), and the 2D peak and the G peak are displaced by 16 cm-1, and the single-layer graphite.  Uniform is the internationally produced high quality graphene powder mass production technology.

Based on the completion of graphene pilot test, Zhengzhou New Century Materials Genomics Engineering Institute has applied ZMGI graphene in the core fields of new energy (lithium battery, super capacitor).

Case number one

The graphene powder of the Institute (ZMGI) was directly used for the negative electrode of a lithium ion battery, exhibiting a very high electrochemical capacity and cycle retention.  Through the battery performance test, the first week discharge capacity of graphene was as high as 1026.8 mAh/g and the reversible capacity was 599.8 mAh/g at a charge and discharge current density of 0.1 C.  The subsequent test found that the discharge capacity was maintained at 500 mAh after 200 weeks.  Aboveg, and excellent in rate performance. Commercially available graphite anode capacity is about 300 mAh/g. The high-quality graphene capacity of our hospital is about twice that of commercial electrodes.  Matching with the appropriate positive electrode will make the lithium battery technology expand to 3-4 times the best commercial battery.

Case 2

By simply mechanically mixing ZMGI graphene powder with sulfur, the electrochemical performance of the lithium-sulfur battery cathode can be significantly improved.The discharge capacity reached 1008.6 mAh/g in the first week. At a charge and discharge current density of 0.5 C, the capacity after the 1000-week cycle was 380.6 mAh/g,and the capacity was much more than twice that of the optimal commercial cathode material.  In addition, the battery's rate discharge performance is also excellent. The preparation process of graphene-modified lithium-sulfur battery in this hospital is very simple, fully compatible with the preparation process of traditional commercial lithium battery, low cost, high specific volume (energy), easy to popularize and apply, and will be completely solved for power battery system. The key bottleneck of battery life.

3. Current industrialization process

On March 3, 2017, ZTE Development and Zhengzhou New Century Materials Genomics Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. officially signed a cooperation agreement in Zhengzhou to promote the industrialization of graphene and the application of mobile phone batteries.

On April 23, 2017, Xiangyang City Investment and Development Co., Ltd.  and Zhengzhou New Century Materials Genomics Engineering Research Institute officially signed a graphene technology cooperation project agreement in Zhongyuan Zhigu.

On September 12, 2017, Zhengzhou New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated and the graphene production base was started. It is planned to establish a complete supporting production equipment system through “house-enterprise” cooperation to achieve high efficiency and low energy consumption macro preparation.

Second, the future planning

In the three years from 2017 to 2020, according to the positioning of Zhengluoxin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in our province, relying on ZMGI's leading graphene preparation technology, the Zhengzhou (Xiangyang) base will be built to build a graphene technology industrial park to build a graphene-based industrial chain. The gathering area forms a cluster of billion-dollar graphene technology industry.

The first year: completed the construction of a production line with a demonstration capacity of 50 tons per year. Improve the process regulations and provide a complete set of technical solutions for the graphene technology industrial park. At the same time, the construction of the graphene application innovation platform and the graphene technology industrial park was started.

The second year: completed the construction of the graphene application innovation platform. Relying on the traditional advantageous industries and leading enterprises in our province, we will vigorously promote “graphene+”, focusing on the development of downstream applications such as graphene batteries, graphene radiators, functional plastics, waterproof and breathable textile products, anti-corrosion coatings, seawater desalination systems, etc.  Development quality and efficiency; combined with the national "military and civilian integration" development strategy, focus on promoting the military applications of graphene in national defense coatings, shipborne aircraft lubricants and multi-functional anti-interference damping materials; promoting the manufacture of high-end equipment with graphene driving effect Applications in emerging industries such as mobile Internet,  integrated circuits, and biomedicine promote the development of emerging industries through technological innovation, product innovation, and model innovation.

The third year: the completion of the construction of the graphene technology industrial park. In 2020, four hundred-ton graphene production lines will be installed, and the annual sales income will reach 20 billion, which will lead to the formation of an industrial chain system with an output value exceeding 200 billion.

Third, government support

Combining the current situation of graphene technology research and development and industrial development in our province, the following suggestions are proposed:

Ø Established the graphene industry development fund (2 billion) to support the industrialization of graphene and technology promotion.

Ø Based on the Zhengzhou New Century Materials Genomics Engineering Research Institute, a provincial-level key graphene technology innovation platform was established,  with a self-raised fund of 80 million yuan and a government support of 80 million yuan.

Ø Establish a graphene technology industrial park based on Fuyang (Zhengzhou). The core park has 60 mu of land and 200 mu of land reserved. Self-raised funds of 1 billion yuan, the government through the graphene industry development fund to provide industry support of 1 billion yuan.

Ø Based on the graphene technology industrial park, establish the graphene technology industry alliance of Henan Province, form a graphene technology industrial cluster of 100 billion grades,  and build a world-leading graphene technology industry highland.