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Rajiv Singh

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Professor Profile:

Foreign Chief Expert: Professor Rajiv Singh

Professor Profile:

Rajiv-Singh Professor: National Specialist for “Thousands of Foreigners”, Professor of Florida University, American Society of Materials (ASM) and Electrochemical Society

(ECS) Senior Member, National Science Foundation Young Research Award Winner.

More than 475 papers have been published, with a total citation rate of more than 4,500, and the Hirsch research index (h-factor) has exceeded 40. More than 50 patents have been published, and more than 30 patents have been granted; 14 patents have been commercialized.

2009R&D100 Digital Chemical Mechanical Polishing Process Award, 2008R&D100 Wide Band Gap Polishing Technology Award, and 2010 National “Thousand Talents Program” professor.

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