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What are the applications of typical materials genetic engineering materials?

2018/09/28 11:15
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From October 22nd to 24th, the annual summary meeting of the national key research and development plan “material genetic engineering dedicated database and material big data technology”

From October 22nd to 24th, the annual summary meeting of the national key research and development plan “material genetic engineering dedicated database and material big data technology” was held in Xijiao Hotel, Beijing. The project is part of the 2016 “Key Projects for Key Technologies and Support Platforms for Materials Genetic Engineering”.  The project leader is Beijing University of Science and Technology. The project has five projects. The Computer Network Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the lead unit of Question 1 "High-throughput material computing big data processing technology."

Yi Feng, Director of the Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Zhang Wei, Project Director, Academician Wang Haizhou, Academician Zhang Jun, Professor Yang Mingli,  Researcher Zhang Guoqing, Researcher Zhao Wenming, Professor Xiang Yong, Professor Yang Zhongmin, Professor Feng Qiang was invited to attend the meeting.  Also attending the conference were the project and project leaders Professor Su Yanjing, Yang Xiaoyu, Professor Ban Xiaojuan, Professor Yin Haiqing, Professor Lu Wencong, Associate Researcher Huang Haiyou and representatives of other project teams totaling more than 70 people.

October 22nd and 23rd is the internal communication meeting of the project. October 24th is the annual report meeting of the project. The project leader,  Professor Su Yanjing, reported the overall progress of the project to the participating experts, and the project leaders also reported separately. Our center as the subject of the "high-throughput material calculation big data processing technology" responsible for the unit reported to the participating experts on the overall progress of the project and the progress of the sub-subjects undertaken, including material first-principles calculation database construction, high-throughput computing drive Research work on engines, data processing and visualization, data Handle identification, etc., and clarify the work content and objectives of the next phase.

The expert group fully affirmed the annual progress of the project. Many experts believe that the project is the material genetic engineering project that they are participating in the review. The best progress is currently expected, and it is expected to become the benchmarking project for this special project. In particular,  I highly praised the subject I have undertaken. The project responsibility expert pointed out that the research and development of MatCloud is the first high-throughput material online computing platform in China,  and has effectively implemented the idea of ​​“material genetic engineering”,  especially at the beginning of development, adhering to the concept of commercial development, and the morning direction. The whole society is open to use, and it is commendable according to the feedback and experience of users. Academician Zhang Jun, Professor Xiang Yong, Professor Feng Qiang, and researcher Zhao Wenming also fully affirmed MatCloud's high-throughput material integrated computing platform, and gave guidance to MatCloud for further development.