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Professor Mike Sweitz

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外籍首席专家:麦克-斯维茨教授  教授简介:  2013年3月入选中组部“外专千人计划”  英国南安普顿大学教授  PlasamQuestLtd.有限公司总裁  获得英国工商部、战略技术局和皇家物理学会、日本文部科学省(COE)等资助和荣誉几十项。  受到英国女王、能源部长、工商部长的接见和嘉奖。  先后发表SCI国际核心期刊论文100余篇;SCI文集10篇;国际会议论文集30篇;申请及获得授权的

Professor Mike Sweitz

Foreign Chief Expert: Professor Mike Sweitz

Professor Profile:

In March 2013, he was selected into the “Outside the Thousand Talents Program”.

Professor, University of Southampton, UK

President of Plasam Quest Ltd.

Received dozens of grants and honors from the British Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Strategic Technology Bureau and the Royal Society of Physics, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (COE).

Received and received awards from the Queen of England, the Minister of Energy, and the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

He has published more than 100 papers in SCI international core journals, 10 in SCI collections, 30 in international conferences, and more than 30 international patents and applications have been implemented.

Areas of expertise: thin film materials and devices, plasma technology, vacuum deposition technology

Main academic part-time job:

Has won:

SMART Feasibility award, Winner of the South East Innovation 2001 Competition, SMART Development award. (three times), SMART Micro award,

Winner of the South East Innovation 2000 Competition, DTI grant for the development of thin film polysilicon solar cells, Designated a

“Centre of Excellence” for the development of flexible displays and electronics. [Japan Government] and other government and academic organizations. In 2002, he was commended by the Energy Minister.

2003 Awarded by the Queen of the United Kingdom “Pioneers for the life of the Nation”.

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