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Environmental nanocatalysis

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Environmental issues are major issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Environmental protection plays an important role in the social and economic sustainable development strategy. At present, mor

Environmental issues are major issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Environmental protection plays an important role in the social and economic sustainable development strategy. At present, more and more technologies are used in environmental protection. Environmental catalytic technology is such a new technology that combines environmental engineering and catalytic technology, and becomes the most important scientific and technical basis for environmental protection and green chemistry. In recent years, environmental catalysis research has attracted great attention from an international scale. Our research includes important aspects such as catalytic elimination of gaseous pollutants, catalytic degradation and catalytic conversion of organic pollutants in wastewater, and role of biocatalysis in energy conservation. Broadly speaking, the green preparation of environmental catalytic materials not only includes the greening of the catalyst preparation process, but also emphasizes the regeneration and cyclability of the catalyst and catalyst carrier during the application process and the friendly compatibility with the environment, thus developing the eco-environmental catalysis. The materials are of great significance for the purification of environmental organic pollution and environmental restoration.

Based on the three major environmental problems of sewage treatment, soil heavy metal ion removal and air purification, starting from the design and synthesis of materials, through the nano-film composite technology, we will develop the internationally advanced heterojunction photocatalytic material system and expand its environmental management and energy. The practical application of the conversion field. Focus on environmental purification projects: organic water pollution control and industrial wastewater treatment, groundwater in-situ remediation technology, purification and recycling of industrial acid waste gas, and interface phenomena research, external field strengthening reaction and heterogeneous separation rules and processes involved in the above process Strengthen the characteristics of the reaction separation device, and carry out research on basic theory and applied technology.

Indium-free TCO film materials and key equipment: One of the key materials of optoelectronic technology is transparent conductive oxide film, which consumes hundreds of millions of square meters annually. However, existing mainstream TCO materials rely on scarce metal indium (tin-doped indium oxide, ITO), which faces the problem of resource depletion. Professor Shao Guosheng developed a series of new indium-free TCO materials through the material genome engineering method, and systematically proposed the quality control process conditions, which laid a solid foundation for replacing the scarce material ITO materials and developing sustainable optoelectronic application technology.

In the advanced plasma equipment, Professor Shao Guosheng and the British PQL company have a long-term cooperation foundation, and through the "external thousands of people plan", PQL President MJ Thwaites Professor was introduced to the team to jointly develop the international wide-scale remote plasma The Deposition System (EPPS), which upgrades PQL's original HITUS laboratory system to low-energy, large-area coating technology, will greatly facilitate the low-cost manufacturing of flexible electronics and devices. At the same time, the application field of far-source plasma technology has been expanded, and high-throughput plasma-assisted chemical deposition (HPECVD) technology has been independently developed, which is suitable for low-cost preparation of large-area graphene films and functional films of various compounds.

Advanced film and high-end equipment are also important common technical areas in the Central Plains Economic Zone. The establishment of Zheng Luoxin's national independent innovation demonstration zone has provided good external conditions for the further development of the project, thus contributing to the implementation of national regional technology and economic strategies.