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All solid state battery

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The development of new energy vehicles is an important part of the “13th Five-Year” development plan of Henan Province. “New energy automobile industry. Taking pure electric drive as the leading direction of technology development, focusing on breaking through the core technology of battery production, cultivating the power battery industry chain, breaking through the battery Drive the development of the whole vehicle.....Build an important domestic new energy automobile industry base." At the same time, Henan Province also proposed to "actively develop ternary / multi-component composite cathode materials, develop power battery industry chain, build a domestic advanced power battery industry base" development plan, highlighting the importance of battery materials. The development of new energy vehicles is conducive to the economic growth and industrial upgrading of our province. The automobile industry has a large investment and attracts a large number of employed people, which can play a leading role in economic development. Our province has a good foundation in the development of new energy vehicles, with technologies and talents in the fields of lithium-ion batteries, control systems, and power systems.

One of the most critical technical bottlenecks of new energy vehicles is the safety of battery systems. The root cause of the existing lithium-ion battery safety hazards lies in the flammable and explosive organic liquid electrolyte. When the battery heat is out of control, it causes combustion and explosion accidents. . In view of the complexity of the actual working conditions of lithium-ion batteries, the method of simply using circuit design cannot fundamentally solve the safety problem. Therefore, the fundamental way to solve the safety problem of lithium batteries is to develop a solid inorganic electrolyte system, and cut off the possibility of combustion and explosion from the source of materials. Through the material genome engineering, the company has created a new internationally advanced solid electrolyte material system. The key performance indicators such as ion conductivity are superior to those of the first developed sulfide materials in Japan, and the cost is less than one tenth. It has formed strategic partnerships with BAK New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and AVIC Lithium Battery to develop a solid-state power battery system to provide a safe and efficient battery system for the new energy vehicle industry.