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Material genome initiative

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The Materials Genome Project is a revolution in the manufacturing sector in the new era. The Material Genome Initiative (also known as the Materials Genome Initiative). Guided by national and regional strategies and market demand, and in line with the development trend of materials disciplines, we will further enhance the platform level of materials research and development, processing and manufacturing, and break through the traditional “experience-seeking” method of cycle trial and error and experience accumulation. National strategy and local industry demand-oriented, intelligent, numerical "system optimization" based on material genome engineering methods. The interdisciplinary science platform based on material genome includes database and management platform, high-throughput computing platform, high-throughput preparation platform, and high-throughput characterization test platform. Among them, the high-throughput calculation based on “cutting material science” is the leader of material genome engineering; the advanced thin film preparation technology developed by Professor Shao Guosheng is a high-throughput sample preparation technology, which is the key equipment of material gene chip technology; Professor Shao Zhengzhou University's advanced characterization and supercomputing platform, which serves as the director of the expert committee, provides the necessary conditions for database construction and high-throughput characterization.

Integrating Zhengzhou's strengths in the fields of materials, chemicals, physics, information, machinery and dynamics, and establishing a number of multi-disciplinary R&D teams with international standards and influence to form collaborative innovation capabilities. Establish a demonstration of the material genome system, demonstrate the cross-disciplinary talents of materials and genomes, accelerate the research, development and industrialization of energy and environmental materials, and promote technological breakthroughs and industrial upgrading of related industries.

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