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New energy and energy storage

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The State Key Laboratory of New Energy and Energy Storage Operation Control was approved in 2015, and it is a national key laboratory of enterprises under the China Electric Power Research Institute. It mainly carries out key technologies such as safe operation and effective consumption of new energy grid-connected networks to solve the problems of difficult prediction, difficult control and difficult scheduling of new energy power generation. The construction goal of the laboratory is to break through the new energy stochastic optimization and grid adaptive active control basic theory, new energy and energy storage operation core control technology, research and development of high-precision new energy power forecasting and new energy and energy storage optimization scheduling system to achieve new energy Predictable, controllable and schedulable, establishing a world-class open research platform and innovative research base for new energy and energy storage, promoting technological progress and industrial upgrading of new energy and energy storage, and sustainable development and energy conservation for new energy in China The realization of emission reduction targets provides protection.