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Physical adsorber
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Physical adsorber



Equipment name: Physical adsorber

Instrument model: ASAP 2460

Manufacturer: United States Mike

Technical Parameters:  Specific surface area analysis: from 0.0005m2/g to no upper limit

Application range: ASAP 2460 series automatic fast surface area and mesoporous/microporous analyzer can simultaneously prepare and test 1-4 samples. The operating software of the instrument is advanced Windows software. The instrument can perform single-point and multi-point BET ratio. Surface area, Langmuir specific surface area, BJH mesopores, pore distribution, pore size and total pore volume and area, density function theory (DFT), adsorption heat and average pore size, etc. The instrument works on isothermal physical adsorption. Static capacity method. Application: Suitable for the surface structure and performance measurement of catalysts, metal materials, porous materials, fiber materials, including measurement of zeolite, carbon materials, molecular sieves, silica, alumina, soil, clay, organometallic compound skeleton structure, etc. material.

Examination range: 1.The specific surface area determination 2. Full analysis of mesoporous materials (specific surface area, pore size, pore volume, pore distribution of mesoporous materials) 3.The total analysis of microporous materials (microporous material specific surface area, pore size, pore volume, pore distribution)

Sample request: Powder sample



Test items   Charge standard (yuan/ piece)  
BET 200
BET+ mesoporous pore size distribution 400
BET+micropore pore size distribution 600

Contact: Dr Shen 13937178172