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ZEISS Sigma 500 high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope


Equipment name: Field emission scanning electron microscope

Instrument model: SIGMA500

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss

Technical Parameters:

 Resolution: 0.8nm@30kV STEM, 0.8nm @15 kV, 1.4 nm @1kV

Magnification: 10-1,000,000× Accelerating voltage: range: 0.02-30 kV

Probe current: 3pA ~ 20nA (100nA optional) Stability is better than 0.2% / h

Sample chamber: 358 mm (φ), 270.5 mm (h)

Sample stage: 5-axis excellent center fully automatic X=130mm Y=130mm Z=50mm T=-4°-70° R=360°

Storage resolution: 32k x 24k pixels

Features of the device: This device has low-voltage operation characteristics, and the sample can be used to achieve high-definition topography of the sample at low accelerating voltage without coating gold, which can minimize the damage to the original shape of the sample.

Samples: Materials science (metal materials, non-metal materials, nano materials), metallurgy, medicine, semiconductors and devices,

Applications: geological exploration, pest and disease prevention, disaster (fire, failure analysis) identification, Criminal reconnaissance, gem identification, product quality appraisal and production process control in industrial production.

EDS is used to measure the composition of conducting materials, such as metal materials, ceramic materials, and chemical materials.

BSD is used to study the topography of samples containing different elements. It’s atomic number (Z) dependent observation technology.

Preferential policies:

1) For 10 or more samples at a time, charge 10% off; 50 or more, and the excess will be charged at 20% off;

2) Special items are required and the fees are negotiable.

3) The fee standard is adjusted moderately according to the market and scientific research.

4) Long-term partnership can be established. For more concessions and specific matters, please contact Dr. Shen (Tel: 13937178172)

Sample requirements:

1) Please provide relevant test conditions (voltage, current, signal, magnification, scale, ideal photo, etc.) according to the features of the sample and the test requirements.

2) The sample amount is not less than 3 mg

3) Acceptable solid, powder, film or fiber samples

4) The sample needs to be dried and must be stable under electron beam

5) Organic samples require specific communication

6) Magnetic samples require special instructions


Sample    tomography without coating gold tomography( coating gold) EDS(<1hour,chargeed by 1 hour)
Powder      400¥/piece        700¥/piece           1200¥/h    
Block/Film 800¥/h 1000¥/h  1200¥/h

Contact: Dr Shen 13937178172